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Vegan Menu

Main Items

Garlic Toast


Garlic, olive oil, homemade bread, herbs

Vegan Meatballs ~ Appetizer


Ground veggie crumble, eggplant, herbs served with garlic toast

Italiano Salad

Romaine lettuce, Roma tomatoes, onion, cucumber, black olives vegan cheese

Side 10 | Full 16

Spaghetti and Marinara Sauce

Spaghetti pasta and homemade marinara

Regular 18 | Lunch 15

Add vegan meatballs 4

Spaghetti Primavera Pesto

Roasted zucchini, Portobello mushroom, peas, sundried tomatoes, red onion, vegetable pesto, vegan cheese

Regular 22 | Lunch 17

Cheese Toast


Garlic, olive oil, vegan cheese, homemade bread

House Salad

Romaine, vegetables, vegan cheese

Side 8 | Full 13

Minestrone Soup


Vegetables, pasta, beans

Eggplant Parmesan

Eggplant, sauté mushrooms, onions, vegan cheese, marinara sauce, with roasted vegetables

Regular 23 | Lunch 16 (no roasted vegetables)

Pasquale’s Classic Thin Crust Pizza

Available in any size with your favorite vegetable topping and vegan cheese

Vegan Add-Ons

Oven Roasted Vegetables


Vegan Meatballs


Steamed Broccoli and Garlic